JazzCash Account Limit, Requirements, Interest Rate & Details

I think it is mostly asked question for every JazzCash account user that How to increase Jazz ReadyCash Limit. If you are not eligible for Jazz Readycash then complete the requirements. JazzCash is widely used in Pakistan by the Pakistani telecom network Jazz.

This is a microfinance mobile account that is available to every Jazz SIM user. With JazzCash, we can withdraw and send money from any bank account across Pakistan. We don’t have to go anywhere for this because money is transacted on mobile.

JazzCash Account Limit Level A

JazzCash is the only mobile banking system that is most used in Pakistan. The limit for a new account is up to Rs. 50,000 which we can send and receive in one day. To deposit money into the account, we can contact the nearest mobile shop or visit the company’s franchise.

Daily Sending Limit50,000
Daily Receiving Limit50,000
Monthly Sending Limit200,000
Monthly Receiving Limit200,000

The daily limit for sending and receiving the money to a new account is 50,000 and no more than that can be sent or received. Level A has a limit of 200,000 per month which we can send and receive throughout the month.

Benefits Of JazzCash Account

Here are some of the benefits of JazzCash

  • Payments – With this account, you can easily send and receive money to any bank account across Pakistan
  • Bills – You can pay utelity bills, Sui Gas bills, Wapda bills online form your account
  • Recharge – Can recharge and activate bundles of any network
  • Online Pay – You can Pay amount online stores
  • International Payments – Receive payments from other countries by connecting Payoneer accout
  • School Fees – Can pay education fees
  • Tickets – Book bus tickets, movie tickets
  • Chalan – You can pay traffic challan and Tax
  • Pay Loan – Pay your insurence, corporate payments and loan payments (DHA payments, Naya Pakistan housing scheme)
  • ReadyCash – You can get loan payment from JazzCash

In addition, there are many other futures that you can use as needed. If you have been using JazzCash for a long time, you can easily get a loan of up to Rs. 10,000 through this Jazz ReadyCash. For this, you have to use your account for 6 months, make money transactions in it so that the company can trust you.

How to increase Jazz ReadyCash Limit?

JazzCash does not lend money to anyone on new accounts, even if it does, it lends up to Rs. 100 only. As you continue to use your account, your ReadyCash limit will increase. Jazz Cash lends up to Rs 10,000 to its old customers.

You can dial *786# from your mobile phone to use Jazz Cash. Users can also use the JazzCash app if they have an Android mobile phone, which will be very useful. With the JazzCash app, you can easily install and you can withdraw money from anywhere with a tap and you can easily get your account statement.

Apply for ReadyCash Loan

  • Open the dial pad and dial *786# (Jazz users only)
  • Select 4 for readycash
  • Now, select 1 to apply for readycash
  • Choose the ReadyCash Amount
  • Check the charges/fees and enter the password
  • You will recieve Readycash loan in you account

Repay to ReadyCash

  • Dial *786# from your SIM
  • reply with 4 and tap send
  • Select 4 to repay readycash payments
  • Choose the Full or partial payments by selecting 1 or 2
  • Enter MPIN and tap send.

Charge of Jazz ReadyCash

JazzCash charges 5% fees per week of the loan. If you will get Rs.100 loan then you will need to pay Rs.5/week fees. ReadyCash Rs.1000 Loan fees are Rs.50/Week. If you will get Rs.2000 loan from Jazz ReadyCash it will charge Rs.100/Week. Must return your loan payment on the tine and before the 1 month. If you did not return the loan payment then JazzCash will file a complaint to the State bank of Pakistan.

How to Open JazzCach Account?

You will need the following to create a Jazz Cash account.

Your original National Identity Card, Jazz SIM which is biometrically verified in your own name. With these things, you can go to the Jazz office and open a biometric account and if you have a SIM in your own name, you can open your account at home. For this simply dial *786# or provide your CNIC number or its issue date. You can open a JazzCash account on the JazzCash app.

  • Open JazzCash app or dial pad and dial *786# form your Jazz SIM
  • Use your own name Jazz SIM only
  • Enter the your CNIC issuence date which is mention on the backside of CNIC
  • Tap on send button and wait for confirmation SMS
  • Again dial *786# and enter the code which you have received by SMS
  • Select the 4 digits password for your account and tap send
  • Reenter the password and again tap on send
  • You have succesfully created your account and now you can use it.
How many loans I can get on Jazz ReadyCash?

You can get a minimum of Rs.100 and a maximum of 10,000.

What are the charges for the Rs.100 Loan amount?

The charges of Rs.100 are Rs.5/Week

What are the Charges for the Rs.500 Loan?

Charges of Rs.500 Loan are Rs.25/Week

JazzCash Loan Fee/Interest

You will be charged 5% per week of the loan amount charges.

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